Project particulars

Cure Cosmetics is the sister company of Cure Physio. The clinics are run by a highly experienced nurse who specialises in advanced natural skin rejuvenation treatments that harness the body’s own ability to regenerate.

It was imperative for the companies to have a strong visual synergy to match their joint dedication in using techniques which harness the body's ability to heal itself. We achieved this by altering the brand colours and electing for a softer palette which reflects the less intense nature of the company in comparison to the Physiotherapy side.

What they thought

We came to David with a proposal for helping us build the aesthetic look of our company, as prior to speaking with him all we had were a few recipes and the vague hope that other people would find them tasty.

We couldn't be happier with what he delivered, even going so far as to suggest the 'flavour combination' concept which creates such a clean and clear message to customers. We have real confidence that we can now approach investors and distributors with a product which has a strong identity and look forward to working with David in the future as our company grows.

Sanna Pehkonen