Cure Cosmetics is the sister company of Cure Physio. The clinics are run by a highly experienced nurse who specialises in advanced natural skin rejuvenation treatments that harness the body’s own ability to regenerate.

It was imperative for the companies to have a strong visual synergy to match their joint dedication in using techniques which harness the body's ability to heal itself. We achieved this by altering the brand colours and electing for a softer palette which reflects the less intense nature of the company in comparison to the Physiotherapy side.


David has been an inspiration to work with!

He has shown professionalism and expertise which has surpassed our expectations. Prior to commissioning David’s services we had been set to launch with a completely different logo and we initially only brought David in to check things over and to design some leaflets. However, he was not afraid to give candid feedback on what we had achieved without him. This was exactly what we needed!

David was able to point out the short comings of our previous logo in a polite and articulate way. This lead to David providing suggestions for alternative options and completely redesigning a new logo for us. David’s final version of the logo was so much more superior to our previous, we were blown away by the result!

It has given us renewed enthusiasm and energised the whole team! I cannot recommend David highly enough, if you need design work for a product launch or a re-brand my advice is to bring him in at the start of your project so he can set things on the right path for you.

Robert Shanks