Cure Physio was established by Physiotherapist Jonathan Wride to provide injury diagnostics and physiotherapy at clinics in the wider Gloucestershire region.

Jonathan approached me to craft his brand from the ground-up. Starting with the logo Identity and then extending to print design and web design.

The Cure brand is centred around the concept of working/not working (x&+) in the sense that we only visit health practitioners when something isn't behaving as it should.

Drawing on the definable western collateral of The Red Cross, more in its strong and bold sense of duty to help people in crisis and without discrimination than simply lifting the 'cross' element and colour scheme. A cross has been hidden in the whitespace between the colon and 'Physio' is paired with unapologetically strong typography


David has been extremely professional and helpful throughout the development of my new business. It is so important to have professional people you can trust to get on with a job independently and always deliver the results you need.

David is on hand 24/7 throughout the design and delivery of the project which really helps tailor the final design to the standard you require. Apart from design David also offers great practical business development ideas and ways to implement them. Highly recommended!

Jonathan Wride