Perfect Ingenuity provide below the line marketing services to B2C companies looking to market their goods and products to consumers directly through SMS, telephone, email, sampling or direct mail.

I was tasked with creating an identity for them, which conveyed a trustworthy, clean, clever, different & established company image.
The clean sans-serif typeface and slightly playful typographical device at the end of the word ‘Ingenuity’ give the feel of a professional organisation that is confident in standing aside from its competitors. The clipped ‘Y’ in the wordmark produces the shape of an arrow or directional marker, in addition to the line above the word ‘Ingenuity’ giving the impression of ‘Below the Line’.

The Logo is a graphic interpretation of what the company does. It adapts easily to different applications, from supersize billboards to 10x10 pixel website Favicons. Its simplicity is something that can be easily identified.


We came to David to create the identity, logo and stationary for our new business and couldn't be happier with the results

He understood the culture of what we are trying to do and found a way to represent that graphically in a clever but subtle way, all our clients have commented how slick everything looks and that's exactly what we were hoping to achieve!

Graham Clark