Pure Ingenuity is the ‘above the line’ arm of The Ingenuity Group who provide marketing services to companies and media agencies that outsource marketing and advertising campaigns.

Having already created a brand identity for their sister company I was uniquely placed in understanding their business culture and how vital it was for the new identity to be able to stand on its own two feet but have synergy with Perfect Ingenuity.

Utilising the same creative collateral as the sister company to illustrate what the company provides – in this case Above the Line marketing strategies – though instead of the ‘Y’ forming the shape of an arrow it is now the ‘N’ which takes on this task. The mark features the same contrasting mix of light and heavy fonts as Perfect Ingenuity to create emphasis on each word, which ensures creative synergy with the sister company is achieved.


David was the natural choice when the time came to brand the new department within our group!

His professionalism on our previous successful brand strategy was carried through to this exciting new addition to our company and we are equally as pleased with the results.

It was important for our group to have visual similarities but to be able to operate separately and stand alone if needed - this was accomplished 100%....couldn't be happier!

Graham Clark