The name of Russian Blue Jewellery derives from the breed of cat popular with Russian Tsars and aristocracy, known for being elegant with a strong but delicate bone structure, plush silver/grey coat.

The Founder, Tressa came to me with the requirement of creating an identity for her brand which has a target demographic of professional middle class women, predominantly 30+ with more more of a disposable income and less into disposable fashion.

The mark needed to clearly identify her as a Jeweller and not be mistaken for creating cat-related craft. Instead the brief was to take the elegance of the feline form and use it in combination with clean and considered typography.

This was achieved by accentuating the curvature of the 'R's leg - this gives a subtle nod towards the tail of a cat without going too far.


David is a consummate professional with a quick understanding of his clients' needs and the skill to create brands that not only look good but work hard. During our first meeting, although I lacked a clear vision of what I wanted the logo to look like, David quickly helped me reach an understanding of what I wanted the logo to represent and achieve.

By sketching out a series of drafts and asking detailed questions about its usage on printed paper, cotton bags, social media, etc., he worked with me to create a strong, versatile, immediately recognisable brand amongst a crowded market. I wouldn't hesitate in working with him again.

Toni Dipple