1st Choice Mortgages

Independent mortgage advisors specialising in whole-of-market solutions.


1st Choice Mortgages had little or no identity prior to speaking with me and had up to that point been relying on word of mouth within a buying market in order to gain new clients.

They had no consistency across offline and online channels and as a result they were unmemorable to their target demographic and weren't standing out in a saturated market all offering the same thing.

Their new identity allows them to be picked out in a sea of competitors. It combines the aesthetic of a 1st place rosette with the front elevation of a house. This plays into the concept that 1st Choice Mortgages are really the ONLY choice you should make.

Lockup versions do well when scaled down so that it translates with their online presence without losing legibility.

The brand palette is a custom gradient using dark and light blues - synonymous with the financial sector but when combined into softer gradients lend a friendlier tone of voice. This is used to reflect the USP of the company that many possibilities and combinations are possible when finding the best mortgage, things are not rigid and stuck in one way.

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David was wonderful to work with! we're really happy with the results of the branding.

It definitely helps us to get people's attention.

Ricky Ghandi

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