Brothers' Ruin

Pop-up bar mixologists specialising in Gin&Tonic


Brothers' Ruin travel around festivals and events serving high quality Gin & Tonic mixes from their pop-up bar. In partnership with a boutique London Gin distillery they provide a simple seasonal menu which is aimed at customers who are looking for something a bit special and are happy to pay for quality. They plan to provide a simple menu of three g&ts: Citrus, floral and juniper.

The brief was to create a brand identity which reflects the quality of the product. "It needs to feel good, taste great, look quirky and be Instagram worthy. We are passionate about the drinks we make and we want other people to be also".

The creative was based on the seasonal aspect of the bar by implementing botanical imagery (citrus/floral/juniper) into the double 'bowl' of the B and single 'bowl' of the R. The colour palette can adapt to suit the changing of the key seasonal months (Spring, Summer & Autumn) the bar operates in.

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This has been a quality interaction from start to finish. David is really easy to work with, listens to completely inappropriate ideas from clients politely and will then advise on the best course of action without making you feel stupid....which ultimately is what you want from an expert in their field.

He has made us look less like edgy guys flogging gin and more like a professional outfit - for that alone he's a bit of a genius!

Stuart, John & Jonny - The Brothers

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