Urban Medi Spa

South London's medically-led and gender-neutral spa.


Urban Medi Spa is a medically-led spa developed and established in South London.

The directors are comprised of a Facial Plastic Surgeon, Nurses, Aestheticians and qualified Beauty Therapists. They commissioned the creation of a brand identity which extended to digital and print touchpoints.

There are Spa's everywhere that have gone for the same tired approach to their branding - script typefaces, light colour hues and the obligatory graphic of an overused(most likely a Lotus) flower. Urban Medi Spa were always going to choose a different path - and it's in the name. I visited the site when it was still in construction and broached the team behind the business on the concept of drawing some more collateral out of the name and utilising a contrasting approach in sharply styled typography alongside gritty photographic backgrounds.

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David was invaluable to us launching this business.

From the moment he came onboard, David understood precisely what we were trying to achieve and reflected this in a visual sense. We had encountered a bad experience with a previous design agency who tried to change us into something we're not, we realised from the outset of working with David that he see's things entirely different. We got goosebumps at his proposed concept as it was as if he had a window into our brains.

David voluntarily went over and above what we asked of him to see the project get over the line, something we won't forget in a hurry.  

Without hiring David there is no doubt in our minds that our business would not have launched without incurring bigger problems down the road.

Tim Liggins - CFO

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