I was there photography

Documentary style photography for Performance, Productions, and Events.


I Was There Photography is the working name of published photographer Ila Desai who specialises in capturing live music events. Ila hired me to create her identity and branding, which was to be applied to a variety of media – from business cards to apparel.

Inspired by the framing guides through a camera’s viewfinder, the mark is crafted by framing the word ‘there’; illustrating how fleeting moments are captured and never repeated in the same way again.

The frames work across a range of press-pack media such as heavy cloth-wallets for protecting developed hardcopies. Dark card folders have been treated with silver foil frames, which can then be customised for each occasion by using stickers within the frames.

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Working with David has been an absolute pleasure! Having felt like I was selling myself short still using branding I had put together when I first started out as a photographer, David came in and took the time to understand where I was coming from/going-to creatively.

He took the way I saw myself artistically and translated that into an identity, developing it into a beautiful design package that could be integrated into all aspects of my advertising and branding, and with the ability to make it as in your face, or subtle as the situation required.

Ila Desai

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