Complex enabling tech, made simple.


Monkeytail is a new mobile service provider in the UK. Backed by Octopus Investments - one of the largest and most active venture capital investors in Europe.

Monkeytail will operate as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, or MVNO, and is building a future technology focused platform that will allow brands and enterprises to become their own virtual mobile company. They will be all-digital from day 1, providing software enabling tech.

No plastic SIM cards with postal waiting times. No arduously long contact centre queuing. Easy to join, easy to leave. Simple.

The aim was to replicate that simplicity and craft a visual identity that supports the key messaging. Software relies on the physical components of a computer/device, such as the processor, memory, storage etc to function - Software cannot exist without hardware, the identity represents and evokes the harmony between hardware and software.

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Working with David was a great experience. He gave me room to talk about how and why we do what we do and how I envisioned that pulling through to a brand identity. David was able to take my techie ramblings and market pontificating and turn it into actionable product identities.

I would wholeheartedly recommend working with David Clark-Waugh Design, I found them to be attentive, creative and receptive to our needs against very tight deadlines.

Steve Lightley - Chief Commercial Officer

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