Darica Dil Devrimi - Darica Language Evolution


3D, or Darica Dil Devrimi (Darica Language Evolution) are an Educational charity who were founded by English language teacher Fulya Ylimaz after meeting scores of children selling water and begging at traffic lights in her town of Darica, Turkey. She established the charity to dedicate itself to providing English language education to help open doors to displaced child refugees who only have their basic needs provided. Their aim is to provide the children with safe access to local and free education and enable their integration into the local education system.  

The identity solution I provided is at the heart of what 3D will do for the children - teaching them a new language. The left-hand side shows a stylised page of a book, the curves of the page give it movement and convey the feeling it is in the process of being turned, the right-hand side forms the shape of a speech-bubble; the bottom-left edge (forming the extender of the bubble) initially follows the same line as the curve of the page on the left, instead of completing the curve it then straightens to form the strait line of a speech bubble, white space between both marks help to signify an open page within a book.

The placement of the ‘3D’ text within the speech bubble serves as a call-to-action and helps place importance & urgency on the logo. The speech bubble also serves a second purpose in advertising campaigns whereby any number of emotive taglines can be utilised alongside suitable imagery to attain attention and support for the charity.

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David produced exactly what we needed from the brief we discussed. We felt he really understood the different requirements and ethos needed for a charity rather than a business. It was a very positive experience for us from start to finish!

David captured the spirit of what we are trying to do for refugee children in the area. We would recommend his design work to others and won't hesitate to use him again should the need arise.

Fulya Yalezan Yilmaz

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