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'to Di for' create unique, handcrafted Sterling Silver jewellery using traditional techniques, incorporating naturally beautiful elements from semi precious cabochon gems to sea glass and designer beads.

Bench jeweller Di Clark needed an original brand name and suitable identity concept to help her work stand out amongst a sea of competitors. The name I devised for her business is a succinct wordplay amalgam of her first name + a common phrase used when something is desirable.

The challenge was to create a bold identity whilst also bestowing an elegance and beauty. The mark is created by combining complimentary typefaces - one with ornate ligatures and the other a very clean sans-serif - and then adding the flourishing touch of a ‘jewel’ graphic element for the tittle (dot above the i).

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The final design exemplifies my USP which is that items of jewellery produced by the business are 'handcrafted' and can be made to order for customers.

I'm very happy that my new branding concept reflects this core identity in an interesting and modern visual manner. The final design translates easily through size options from business cards to larger marketing and advertising media. Quite simply, I love it and my customers are also impressed with David's classic design. Thank you!

Di Clark

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