Dip it

Pour it, mix it, Dip it!


Dip it are showing a new way of making dips at home to the UK shores, their sachets contain freeze-dried flavour combinations of real ingredients which you then stir into your choice of condiment, Mayonaise to Sour Cream to Crème Fraîche to Zero fat Greek Yoghurt, the only effort needed is deciding how healthy or naughty you’ll choose to be. Pick a condiment, pick a combination...Pour it, mix it, Dip it!

Dip it tasked me with creating their entire brand strategy and then filtering their visual identity consistently through to every brand touchpoint. The brief was to highlight their use of all-natural flavourings and assure their customers that the sachets contain 100% real ingredients and no chemicals.

This was achieved by showing real ingredients in their imagery, something their competitors don’t/can’t do due to their chemical content. The identity was created by subtly replacing the tittle (dot) of the i’s with sauce-bowls.

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We came to David with a proposal for helping us build the aesthetic look of our company, prior to speaking with him all we had were a few recipes and the vague hope that other people would find them tasty. David demonstrated how important it was for our product to look delicious on the page and shelf, in order for people to want to try it.

We couldn't be happier with what he delivered, even going so far as to suggest during our strategy workshop that we implement a 'flavour combination' concept which creates such a clean and clear message to customers that our product is made from all-natural flavourings.

We have real confidence that we can now approach investors and distributors with a product which has a strong identity and look forward to working with David in the future as our company grows.

Sanna Pehkonen

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