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No missing steps in your property search.


After sitting with Peter, the Director, it became clear very quickly that Platinum Estates is an extension of his family. Everything they do as a business comes from the mindset of respect and support. When their clients win - they win, conversely they're quick to help guide their clients when things haven't gone to plan in terms of securing a property. Put simply - Platinum Estates help their clients find their way home.

This brand play echoed throughout the rebrand campaign - under the Director's leadership they have always operated this way - now the challenge was to show this with the tone of voice and reflect it visually.

Platinum are great at pooling professional specialists in their areas in order to provide a greater level of service for their clients - I decided early on that copywriting should be represented by the tagline 'No missing steps in your property search'. This allowed for brand play every once in a while and 'bleed' the tag off the page figuratively have the words missing from the page.

The logo treatment shows one side of a house structure with the rest hidden in the whitespace - when used in conjunction with the wordmark this will also then 'fill in' the space. When the icon appears by itself it serves as an easilty separated piece of iconography.

The brand identity was applied consistently through to print and digital touchpoints, with extensive print and out of home advertising campaigns called upon.

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We were so happy working with David on the rebranding of our estate agent business. He took the time to understand what we were about, always asking questions and wanting to know how our wonderful clients feel about the services we provide. Like so many businesses, we're a family, in some cases literally but also in how we treat and feel about our staff. Things have to be done the right way so that clients never feel like they're dealing with a different company.

Lots of business owners think all they need is a logo and everything else is just extra. After David rebranded us, we - and I especially, realised that everything is about feeling, he linked that with how we teach our staff to interact with clients. The brand logo and everything else used to market us is what helps you remember that feeling. David captured that perfectly visually and with wording - We help people find their way home.

Peter Jordanou - Director

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