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Made-to-measure tailored fitness plans.


No BS personal training in Winchmore hill, North London.

The founder Nikesh Tailor - a fitness enthusiast who was sick of seeing the same shouty tired and repetitive gung-ho fitness and nutrition plans - and decided to do something about it. Armed with his newly acquired PT qualifications he launched Tailor Fitness, with the onus on creating genuinely bespoke plans for each individual and with the objective to help people look better AND improve their mental well-being at the same time.

Nikesh approached me as his previous career in marketing taught him the value a properly crafted brand can have to a business, especially one which is in a saturated market. His strategy was a team exercise into the discovery of what his target demographics' decision making would be based on and how to entice them.

The concept of the brand identity is based around 2 elements: percentages and tailoring.

In fitness and training, everything relates to percentages - the measure of effort, the measure of max load, the measure of body parts & measuring muscle/fat content.

The tailoring aspect played neatly into this as a contrast - the dashed line taking inspiration from the marks tailors make on material when they are shaping a garment - much like how someone in the midst of adapting their body will also shape particular muscle groups and areas of the body.

These two key ingredients allowed for some clever word-play in linking bespoke training plans with 'tailored' and 'made to measure' which will echo throughout different touchpoints offline and online.

The icon treatment is purposefully sparse and clean in order to create an easily identifiable brand mark - something iconic which is easily separated from competitors. The choice to steer away from capitalising the two words in the name was made as a purposeful effort to soften the typography and create a friendlier tone.

The brand identity was applied consistently through to print and digital touchpoints such as leaflet campaigns and a fully responsive website, a key requirement was to create print templates which will allow the client to adapt moving forward to creating new marketing campaigns based on local search requirements.

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Top quality branding/design expert that takes care of the bigger picture but also the details. He really takes the time to explain the process and get you the results you want even if you don't know what that is!

No hesitation in recommending David.

Nikesh Tailor - Founder

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