Practice Makes Perfect


MicroPads will revolutionise practical learning in the micropigmentation, permanent makeup and tattoo industries. Using their life-like products, practitioners can learn, improve and trial safely whilst growing in confidence. MicroPads silicone skin is the only micropigmentation teaching aid that varies in thickness to more closely replicate the realism of actual skin.

The founders of MicroPads came to me with an expansive brief: Their objective was to construct a brand that entices and instills confidence, then leverage the power of social media and attract the right industry professionals to the brand. To achieve their goals they need to build up regular custom of loyal professionals and turn them into ambassadors of the brand, we agreed the first steps were a brand strategy deep-dive into the psychographic decision-making of these professionals, then armed with this we will have the objective roadmap with which to create a visual brand identity to empower, inspire and feed passion within the industries they will touch.

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David has an exceptional talent for branding design! His work on our new startup brand identity was nothing short of outstanding.

He captured our vision perfectly, creating a brand that truly represents our values and mission. David's creativity, attention to detail, and dedication to delivering excellence shine through in his work.

We're thrilled with the results, and working with him was an absolute pleasure. Thank you, David, for your remarkable contribution to our success!

Michael Koumis & Paolo Scura
- Co-Founders

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