Property investments firm who aim to add value to the communities they are developing in.


Meridian Global Equity are a startup company and needed to launch with an identity system which reflects the elegance they intend to contribute to community spaces.

The creative solution is based on the idea that where there is an opportunity, Meridian 'fill in the gaps'.

The concept is centred around 3 Dimensional Icons - The 3D 'M' promotes the feeling of a physical object with depth and shadows which reflects the nature of a building.

The front face has been removed and the shadows remain so that it now exists in the negative space.

The brain will then 'fill in the gaps' so that the image makes sense. The missing front-face of the 'M' also gives the impression that it is basked in light which reflects examples of architecture when the light is hitting them in such a way that the most visible part is actually the shadow left by the structure.

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Awarding our branding work to David was one of the smartest decisions we have made as a company. He took the time to understand what value we bring to our clients and most importantly helped us uncover what our target market are looking for from a property investment partner.

He listened to what we wanted to achieve and politely helped us understand the 'ideas' we brought to him wouldn't help us stand out or even portray the quality of work we will work tirelessly to produce.

We feel an excitement about launching our business now which everyone agrees, is in no small part to now feeling ready to take on our established sector competitors because visually they won't be able to compete with us - now it's just up to us to provide a service of the same level to how we look!

Evelina Lyudmilova Elkina-Rossi

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