YouTube channel who produce instructional video content for Sonographers


SonoHack is an educational YouTube channel who produce video content instructing Sonographers and postgraduates on the most effective ways of scanning problematic areas of the body.

The brief was to create a brand identity which resonates (pun 100% intentional) with the professional demographic of Ultrasound Sonographers. SonoHack also required a short animated 'bumper' to introduce each video they post on their YouTube channel.

The creative was based around the movement of ultrasound waves from a transducer and the reflected wave from the intended object. This concept needed to work equally well in static and animated forms.

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This is my third project with David and I can not recommend his design skills highly enough!

David is great at taking the hassle of creation and design off your hands and is always on hand for instant advice and feedback.

David always offers plenty of design options in a timely manner and to an excellent standard. I am sure there will be more projects in the future....

Jonathan Wride

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