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Ladkarn Construction Ltd are a second generation family business established in 1968 who specialised in large scale commercial groundworks in and around London. Their heritage is important but it doesn't define them!

They have evolved to complement their industrial and commercial sector experience with a portfolio of successful residential projects. With this evolution came the need to rebrand and I was approached by the second generation Managing Director to strategise and implement materials in a new marketing flow, the intention of which was to educate potential clients that the firm are equally at home managing equestrian conversions and new-builds as they are with commercial shop fitting and large scale groundworks.

Our objective was to engage customers' minds on an emotional level with the brand and differentiate it from competitors and to enable a less physical repositioning to complement a brand equity of knowledgeable consultants.

After an extensive and thorough strategy where we uncovered the needs and requirements of the target demographic, the brief to solve was to attract the right sort of work by crafting a visual identity which was abstract and non specific but relevant. The answer was in breaking down the core of construction - building blocks - and by looking at the essence of a building, which is a converging of structure, light and shadow.

By crafting a skewed perspective isometric building block or 'cube' - and then removing the surface angles which would have light cast on them, leaving just shadow - we have created a negative space building block which contains a hidden 'L'. The objective of the mark is to be appropriate but not specifically synonymous for the construction industry, this will help Ladkarn to stand out in their industry....not blend in.
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David came highly recommended and didn't disappoint during our extensive rebrand.

I reached out to my contacts to see if anyone knew someone who could look at my company’s branding and bring it into this century to hopefully gain more, in the first instance, visual presence and to attract the right work. A trusted contact of mine highly recommended speaking with David. Initially we discussed what I wanted to do with the business, the fresh look I wanted - something that would reflect the type of work we do - and where we had come from.

David offered his thoughts and the options open to us to help bring to life what I wanted. He has certainly done that!

The level of detail involved was incredible - I really thought it was just about designing something that looked good but really, the thought involved, along with the detail and meaning is very reminiscent of the planning, developing and construction of a new building. Absolutely nothing was left to chance and the result is that we are now perfectly positioned to push forward into a new era without looking dated and behind the times. Very very impressed and will continue working with David in the future.

James Bourke - Managing Director

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