rule [noun] what usually happens or is done; a general principle.


Regel was established to deliver modern electrical and renewable energy services. The brief was to create a stable platform visually and lay down ground rules in the tone of voice the business uses so that they have a set of principles from which to grow.

During meetings with the client it became obvious that they are passionate about the general practice of safely handling, maintaining electrically powered equipment and putting the customers at ease. The onus is that everything falls within strict safety guidelines. This is why we proposed the name be centred around this principle of practice and that it echo throughout the touch-points as a brand promise: Rule [noun] what usually happens or is done; a general principle. It also solved another issue the client had been facing - most people assume the spelling is a mistake, We proposed we take ownership of this and address it in a couple of different ways: ownership, where we use humour (as demonstrated with the bowl of currants). And pivoting, where we implement the aforementioned company noun tagline.

Our target with the visual identity was to create something that has familiarity with the safety aspects in the industry, thereby separating it visually from competitors. The decision was to strip the iconography down to base elements and simple shapes to evoke the concept of power and combine this with a colour palette that is synonymous with electrical safety - this combination gives a subconscious prompt that Regel operates under the strict safety guidelines overseeing the industry, the powerful effect will be to put potential customers at ease straight from the first visual interaction.
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David has been a pleasure to work with whilst he re-branded the business and also set about creating an online presence for us.

His structured way of progressing through the design stages was very simple and effective. Paired with his knowledge of what was needed from us to make the profile a success, he worked with me step-by-step to create something that works for us.

All in all I’m very happy with the vision and brand he has created for Regel. With a concrete base for the business now set, It's a platform that can now be built on.

Rhys Knight - Director

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