Russian Blue Jewellery

Russian Blue Jewellery execute precision handmade jewellery in silver, gold and precious stones. Taking inspiration from simple geometry and curves, integrating shape and colour.


The name of Russian Blue Jewellery derives from the breed of cat popular with Russian Tsars and aristocracy, known for being elegant with a strong but delicate bone structure, plush silver/grey coat. 

The Founder, Tressa came to me with the requirement of creating an identity for her brand which has a target demographic of professional middle-class women, predominantly 30+ with more of a disposable income and less into disposable fashion. 

The mark needed to clearly identify her as a Jeweller and not be mistaken for creating a cat-related craft. Instead, the brief was to take the elegance of the feline form and use it in combination with clean and considered typography. This was achieved by accentuating the curvature of the 'R's leg - this gives a subtle nod towards a cat's tail without going too far.

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I'm very happy with the brand identity David delivered for us. He captured the brief of using soft curves and organic lines, incorporating femininity whilst keeping a contemporary feel. Overall it needed to be executed with precision and elegance.

I loved that included in the presentation were things that despite us not being ready for them now, really helped me see how the business can grow and what that would look like. Giving us fantastic insight into print processes which will help bring the packaging alive and stand out.

Many thanks for all your help David.

Tressa Amir

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