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Though not a new term, Athleisure clothing is most commonly known by training and fitness enthusiasts. A style of clothing that is comfortable and suitable for sports and active lifestyles, but also fashionable and attractive enough to wear in social situations.

The founding partners of Yobee had a vision and commitment to create stylish and ethically-made clothing with fit, cost and durability at the forefront. They approached me to create and help launch a brand that attracts customers, gaining a loyal community who buy-in to the ethos and values the founders wished to echo through the brand.

As with all branding projects I advised we start with strategy to firstly establish the general feel and tone of the business and then to conduct consumer research within the athleisure market. After extensive analytical research it was determined there is currently a gap in the market where children are an afterthought and not specifically catered for - The founders made the decision to initially launch catering for children and in the future expand to include clothing for adults.

Fun. Kinetic. Inclusive. Confidence. Community. Passion. Authenticity. Our logo signifies these brand values. The Icon was born of discovering the link between the energy and dynamic movement found in play, dance, exercise and team sports. Simplified into a distinct graphic shape, it stands alone as a distinctive Icon to create intrigue and is subjective enough to convey either a ‘Y’ or as a shape showing movement.

Building a new clothing brand will take time and this project will expand to accommodate the growing needs. Yobee will need to communicate with garment manufacturers, garment designers, content creators and retailers alike, the need for extensive brand guidelines to enable the consistent application of brand materials was clear.

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This is the second time we have used David’s expert services, this time for a different venture.  Needless to say we didn’t have to look elsewhere based on the confidence and relationship built first time round. David is someone who truly wants to spend sufficient time getting to know the big picture first by exploring every nook and cranny before offering his invaluable brand strategies.  

Trust me, it’s worth the wait! David has yet again managed to capture our imagination and bring to life our conversations into visual glory. David is extremely professional, adaptable and approachable.  Should we launch another venture, David will most certainly be our brand specialist once again.  We highly recommend his services.

Anish & Vinnie Nathwani - Founders & Directors

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